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Stay at our hotel near New Mangalore Port for comfortable accommodations and convenient amenities while visiting New Mangalore Port for Business or Work Purpose. The focus of your trip is on your quality time spent on your business trip and or on your work trip, with spacious suites, complimentary breakfast, and a 24*7 warm water and dryer for your comfort. The New Mangalore Port is one of the largest sea ports in India, is one of the must visit for work related or leisure related activities.

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Welcome to New Mangalore Port

Mangalore has a long history dating back to the early Christian era. Mangalore is mentioned in the manuscripts of the Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt. Which hints us the importance of the Mangalore in the historic trade routes. Mangalore is even considered as the gateway of Karnataka. Mangalore Ports was built up on the rich history of the same and forayed in to the elite list of top sea ports in India.

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Fast Facts

It is differentiated by the term “New Mangalore Port” from an existing port or port in Mangalore town named “Mangalore bunder” or “Old bunder.” The old harbor is situated south of the port of New Mangalore, and is now used for fishing and ferrying small products.
The port is on India’s west coast, in Panambur, Mangalore. It is to the north of the Gurupura (Phalguni) river confluence to the Arab sea. It is 170nmi south of Port Mormugao, and 191nmi north of Port Kochi.
The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi officially inaugurated it on May 4, 1974.
The national NH-66 highway passes the port. The nearest railway station is Thokur, but passengers must arrive at Surathkal Railway Station on the Konkan Railway Road, about 6 kilometers from New Mangalore Port.

New Manglore Port is just 10 Kilometers away from Hotel Swevens. The Hotel Swevens from Swevens Business Group is hailed as one of the best hotels in Mangalore, and is considered to be the No.1 Affordable Executive hotel in Mangalore. Our hotel can provide the travelers to the New Mangalore Port with excellent customer care and comfort. We guarantee you a stress free stay at our hotel, with excellent amenities in every room.

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