Executive Suite Room

Executive Suite Room

1 Adult En suite


Enjoy staying in one of our comfortable Executive Suites for a luxurious night. The 360 sq ft Executive Suites feature connected living/dining spaces and large bedrooms, a large worktable with ergonomically designed chairs, smart lighting, a large wardrobe, and spacious bathrooms with comfortable interiors and 32' LED TVs in each room, providing a perfect blend of business and leisure. Each room comes with a comfortable sitting room and sofa beds.


24 hours conciege

During difficult, unplanned accidents, we are available 24 hours to talk and help make a world of difference, and our friendly service will ensure you that the problems are resolved as soon as possible.

32 inch TV

As a result of our evaluation in several factors like viewing distance, display resolution, room arrangement, and viewing angle. We offer the best viewing experience to our guests.

King Sized Bed

The time that we spend in our beds is time that is well spent. To recharge, relax, and renew, we need sleep, so every single night it's important to get a great night's sleep. To ensure restful, uninterrupted sleep for our guests, we are taking drastic measures to invest in a king-size mattress.

Wi-Fi Services

We have all experienced waiting for a page to load for several seconds or even minutes. The difficulty of waiting certainly reduces when you opt for a faster internet connection. We all love opening multiple tabs in our browsers but this will drastically increase the page loading time if you have a slow connection. So we Provide Complimentary Wi-Fi and high-speed internet access to our guests for better surfing.

Charging facility

People carry their valuable electronic devices with them, wherever they go. We have allotted proper charging facilities to charge your trusted companions.

Intercom facility

Our intercom facility allows for seemless communication with our hotel reception. Our 24*7 helpdesk allows you to have a safer stay at our hotel.

City View

Situated at Pumpwell, our hotel is in the center of Mangalore. Every rooms allows for a scenic view of Mangalore City.

Mini fridge

A cool drink can cool you. Our fridge comes with chocolates, soft drinks and Ice creams for your enjoyment.

Tea and coffee making facility

We have arranged the apparatus for you to make a nice cup of coffee or tea to charge you up.

Partition living area

A partitioned living area to have a lively discussion with your roommate. It helps you to escape the sluggishness while in bed.




Max 3 Adults 2 Children


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